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How to unblock a shower

A blocked shower or bath is among the common household problems that take place from time to time. If it has blocked completely, it means that the water is not draining. In this case you can forget having a nice hot bath or shower as you wished. When the water takes time to drain, it can lead to the slippery build-up of soap scum, grime or dirt at the bottom of the shower or bath, and this may be dangerous or it may look unsightly. Regardless of what caused the blockage, it has to be fixed. However, it is not something hard when it comes to unblocking the blocked shower Edgware or the bath, and there is no need to call for the plumber at once before trying some DIY methods that are very easy and effective. The first step towards unblocking the shower is to find out the reason behind the blocked shower Edgware in the first place. You can unscrew or lift the chrome cover of the drain and pull out the material behind the blockage with your hands. Most of the time, the problem may be the result of the build-up of soap scum or hair. When you are able to spot the hair on the bottom of the drain, you should just pull it out. It may look nasty, but it will be better compared to the invoice of the plumber. You may also try to use pliers or a coat hanger ? whichever improvised grabbing tool that you area able to find. When this fails to work, you may decide to move to the next step. The plunger is the next thing to do to clear the blocked drain. You need to use a cup type plunger that it is meant to clear shower, bath and basin blockages.

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