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How to unblock an outside drain

There are simple steps to deal with a blocked outside drain Edgware.

It is recommended that when you have an outside drain blocked, you should call an emergency plumber team that will arrange the fix for you. It probably needs strong jetting water and a thorough cleaning. However, if it is only a minor clog, you can do a DIY unblock using various methods. What should you do when there is a clog in your outside drain? Perhaps these ideas could be applied the next time you have a problem.
The debris
It is necessary to figure out why the outside drain got blocked. It could be debris or trash piling up without you noticing. An outdoor drain is typically more complicated because it is located outside the house and it normally takes more effort to clean.
Taking off the drain cover
If you have screwdriver, take off the drain cover and see the clog inside. The chamber should be visible but not far below. You can use your flashlight, but dont get yourself into trouble by getting too far.
Pick a drain rod and try to use it to push the clog. It should be able to unblock a minor clog. Check it a few minutes later with power hose water. If you find that the drain is still blocked, you should call a plumber to deal with the issue.
It is best to check and maintain the drain before the clog piles up and causes a messy situation. An outside drain is prone to collecting dirt and debris, so it would be better if you do routine maintenance. Using a plunger might be useful if it is a minor case. But if it is much more than just a clog, then a professional hand is needed.

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