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Leaking Stopcock

The stopcock in most houses is the main isolator for the water supply into your property and are normally found under sinks or stairs. If a leak occurs on this valve it should be dealt with straight away. When a stopcock has not been operated for sometime it can leak. This means that water is getting past the gland nut. The first thing to do is to try and retighten the gland nut by a clockwise action. As the nut is tightened puts pressure on the packing inside causing it to seal, but this makes the valve stiff to operate. The best action really is to repack the gland. The material for this is readily available at all plumbing merchants or suppliers. Of course only carry this out if you feel confident to do so. If not always call in a professional to do the work. Edgeware Plumbers repair leak on every type of valve.Repacking a gland:1). Close the stopcock to be repacked.2). Undo the gland nut by turning anti-clockwise until it comes away from its housing so it can be slipped further along the spindle. There may be a little water but this is just residual that is draining away.3). Having removed the gland nut, wrap some PTFE tape around the spindle and push it into the void that the packing gland nut screws. Use a small screwdriver to poke it down.4). Replace the nut and tighten enough to squeeze the new material in the gland .5). Open the valve and tighten the gland nut until any water that is still coming through ceases.As stated earlier if you are not a confident DIY person you should call an expert like an Edgeware Plumber for peace of mind and a work guarantee.

Central heating pumps

Central heating pumps only rotate in one direction and have a flow arrow marked on the casing to help when the pump is being installed or replaced. Before you remove an old unit, make sure you know which way the flow is, with gender water comes in and which ended flows out, and the user marker pen to label it accordingly. An Edgeware Plumber can fit a pump.Under the lead on the control box there is a screw connector with electrical power is connected and fed from the central heating control. There may also be a dial or screw which is fitted so that the pump speed can be adjusted manually. On some units, you will notice that a metal or plastic cylinder about the size of a salt cellar is fitted onto the pump. This is called a smoothing capacitor and this prevents the pump motor from causing any interference to any of the domestic electrical equipment fitted within the home such as a television and radio. This item cannot be replaced. Edgeware Plumber fit new central heating pumps. The motor when running normally should make almost no discernible noise, although if you put your hand on it, you should be able to feel a slight vibration, which is totally normal. A large screw situated on top of the pump is almost certainly the bleed screw which is fitted to allow the homeowner or a professional plumber to release any air that may be in the pump. Central heating pumps are unable to prime themselves, therefore if air was to leak in, the pump would not be able to get rid of the air until it is bled out manually.This is done by opening the screw slightly until the hissing sound stops and then we tightening the screw.